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As the U.S. sinks into a declining and uncertain market of shrinking dollars and waning customer confidence, why would you spend money on advertising?

Customer perception is business reality. 

Advertising makes your business appear healthy and thriving. It is a positive way for both consumers and your employees to be comfortable knowing that you are strong in the industry and are planning to stay in business. In a tenuous economic climate, customers are looking for the “deal” and doing more “comparison shopping” than ever before.  You must promote your business to secure your customer’s continued loyalty and to seek out new business. Dominate your field with your image.

Because your competition is still advertising.

Who comes to mind first when you think of your industry? How successful are they and how often do you see their ads, whether in print, radio, video, or online? Can you afford to appear second best? Make sure your image is the first thing that comes to the consumer’s mind.

While marketing budgets are the first to feel the axe when business slows, media expert and conservative talk radio host, Shad Olson, says precisely the inverse should be the response.

“Rather than diminishing in priority, in a tightening marketplace, it becomes even more important to establish and maintain top of mind awareness,” Olson said.  “Customer habits are tough to break, and well-established branding and imagery contribute to an inherent stability of market share that will help smart business owners weather an economic slowdown.  It’s very difficult, when you’re competing for fewer dollars and customers overall, to maximize profit potential without keeping your brand and business at the forefront of the customer’s mind.”

Your image plays a big role in today’s society. Keep it strong, keep it honest, and keep it right in front of those you want as your customers.

Advertising is an investment in tomorrow’s image, today.

A wisely-crafted advertising plan can be the difference between winning and losing in an increasingly volatile economic model.  The choice to invest in your business through effective marketing maintenance is a long-term investment that will pay rich dividends when customers finally have more money in their pockets to spend.  Will your enterprise be around to reap the benefits?  The choice is up to you.

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